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Pure Diet Tofu Gold (Soft & Fresh) 200gm Pack

Bio Nutrients (india) Pvt Ltd. is proud to introduce pure Diet " Tofu Gold". Naturally packed with protein,calcium and anti-oxidants,"Tofu Gold" is an excellent way to add nutrition to your diet. Tofu Gold is made from Soy Milk Powder which eliminates the beany flavor. Special food grade Calcium salts as coagulants prevent the pungent smell or sour taste. People choose to eat Tofu for its natural qualities, its versatility in cooking and the way it absorbs flavors so readily, and the other reason why Tofu is so popular around the world….. It's rapidly becoming noticed as a "super food" because of its amazing nutritional benefits. Tofu is vegetarian and is complete with all the amino acids which makes it acceptable as an alternative of meat-protein. It is Naturally Lactose Free, Cholesterol Free, Gluten Free & Free from Saturated fats An additional benefit of Tofu is that it is extremely easy to digest, because the Fibre is removed during the manufacturing process. NUTRITIONAL FACTS How to enjoy Tofu Gold Cooking with Tofu is not difficult. Tofu in Breakfast: Scramble or Sorted. Tofu in Salads and Soups: Marinated, Dips, Cubes. Tofu in Vegetables: Replacement to paneer in all Indian preparations. Tofu in Chinese and Thai cuisine: Authentic. Health Benefits of "Tofu Gold": The benefits of Tofu are hard to ignore All the good news about Tofu Gold being a health-promoting food is true. Tofu and Child development: High Protein Calcium and Iron Tofu and Your Heart: Cholesterol Free Tofu and your Bones: Calcium and Isoflavones Tofu and Weight Loss: Low Calorie Tofu and Women's Health: Postmenupausal oesteoporosis. Tofu and Men's Health: Improved bone density. Minerals: Calcium, Manganese, Selenium, Phosphorous, Iron, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc.
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