Is this product vegan? Free from dairy?

Yes, it’s a plant based vegan product.

Is it gluten free?

Yes, all products are gluten free.

is it gmo grade or non gmo? and how much quantity to mix in water as milk?

Superfit Soy Milk Powder is made from Non GMO Grade Indian soybeans & for making plain 200ml(1 glass) Soy Milk, 13g powder is required.

Why aren’t the ingredients mentioned in the pack of Superfit Soy Milk Powder?

he ingredient is mentioned on the pack as Soybeans! It’s a single ingredient product. It’s just spray dried soy milk powder.

How can I take the Superfit Soy Milk Powder? With water or milk?

With water. This is in itself soy milk powder. You have to blend it with water to make soy milk and use. The pack comes with a booklet that will properly explain the process! You can also add it to milk.

Can we mix this with meal replacement shake? How much fat does it contain?

Yes you can mix Superfit Soy Milk Powder with meal replacement shake. It contains 18% cholesterol free fat (Good Fat).

Is this good for baby?

Three years and above age babies can use Superfit Soy Milk Powder. And it’s good also 100% natural.

ToggleCan this be used for making hot tea in place of milk or milk powder?

Yes we can make hot tea and add Soy Milk to the hot tea liqueur, but taste will be different. Do not boil the soy milk and water.

Can we make curd out of the Soy Milk powder?

Yes, The Superfit Soy Milk Powder pack comes with a booklet that will properly explain the process.