Products Benefits

Soya Milk Powder is the vegetable protein ingredient used in fabrication of therapeutic and dietetic foods and some of the primary characters in such foods are:

  •      Low Residue High Fibre Lactose-Free
  •      Low Residue High Protein Gluten-Free
  •      Low Residue High Calorie Cholestrol-Free
  •      Low Fat Bland Phenylalanine-Free
  •      Low Sodium Alkaline Fat-Free
  •      Low Carbohydrate Non-Allergenic

Among the wide-spread conditions, where these foods would be of value are:

Malnutrition Coronary Heart Disease Diabetes Gastro-intestinal disorders
Hypertension Kidney dysfunction Lactose intolerance Liver cirrhosis
Food Allergy Obesity Balance Diet Menopausal Disorder

Soya milk powder is produced using sound quality principles to ensure the consistency, safety and performance of the product.